What is Beauty?

What is beauty?
Ask this question and a plethora of clichés come to mind — Beauty is only skin-deep. A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Beauty is a fading flower.

Beauty is subjective therefore the ultimate cliché:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

One of the most universally accepted idea of beauty is that of youth and health. Clear, supple skin free of acne, pimples, fine lines, wrinkles and other blemishes; healthy, bright eyes and soft, shiny hair. Not everything associate with youth is considered beautiful for adults. Consider the proportion of a baby’s head to his body. An adult has slightly different proportions compared to a child.

Another acceptable definition of beauty is that of symmetry. A vertically symmetrical face is a beautiful face. In other words, the eyes line on about the same plane on the right side as it is on the left, as are the nostrils, ears, etc.

Apart from symmetry of placement, facial features have to be of similar shapes and sizes. Not only that, the sizes have to be of the right proportion in relation to the size of the face and other features. This is the beauty of being proportionate. Ideal proportions differ for adults and children as describe in the paragraph above.

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How do we emulate beauty?
Not many of us are blessed with all the attributes of that make up the ideal beauty but there are ways to improve on our features in order to look younger, healthier. For a start, consider engaging a basic skincare routine to maintain clear, youthful skin. Wear sunscreen with a good SPF reading protects your skin against the harmful effects of UV (photoaging).

Beauty is the Mistress, the Gardener Her Slave.

Makeup can be used to enhance our best features and play down unflattering flaws. This is the aim of corrective makeup. The same can be said about hairstyles. Depending on the type of hair cut you get, one can emphasize on the eyes or slim down a wide face. Hair color too plays an important part.

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