For Your Entertainment: Do Blondes Have More Fun? Maybe not in the case of Adam Lambert

Today we talk about US singer Adam Lambert, American Idol season 8 runner up who recently released his solo pop rock/electronic album, “For Your Entertainment”.

He certainly got the brooding glam emo rock star look down pat with his dark spiky hair and guyliner (man’s version of eyeliner).

Adam Lambert in full rockstar regalia - wearing guyliner makeup (male eyeliner)

His real hair color is much a lighter blond/strawberry blond as seen here in his earlier photos — Adam’s high school photo. (This is a screen capture off a video so the image quality is quite low)

Young Adam Lambert High School Photo - He's a natural blond

Slightly older, with darker brows.

Adam Lambert a blond jock in school? A rock star in the making

Here’s a picture of Adam Lambert without any makeup. He has striking blue eyes which are further emphasized by his pale skin and dark hair and eyebrows.

Adam Lambert without makeup (eyeliner)

How would he look like if he didn’t color his hair? Here’s our take: Adam Lambert “back to his roots” with blond hair and eyebrows.

Adam Lambert with blond hair in this back to his roots digital makeover by The Look Factor
By any means still a very good-looking guy but probably with a little less air of mystery.

For Your Entertainment: Adam Lambert as a dark brunette or with blond hair? Which do you prefer?

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